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Hello my firends,

Long time no post, i apologize for it. To be honnest with you i have had some health problems wich made me mostly stay home taking medecine and try as much to relax as my doctor say. Starting to feel a bit better now, thanks to all my friends who supported me during this little sick period, it was nice from you to check on me, i appreiate it.

Anyway, let’s talk music…

Here is 2 free private bootlegs one made by myself and the other but WeSmile (aka Anton Marra & Leonard Halling) 2 new upcoming producers from stockholm that have released a track on Sunhouse Records.

Enjoy, share it and don’t forget to support the artits..

Have a good week end

New shirts from Colorez !!!!

Hello friends,

Here is a nice arrival from our friends from stockholm Colorez, sponsoring my bro Dj BabyJ that’s how i got to know them !!! Have a look on their website they really have cool t-shirts.

Will do my new photoshoting with them, pictures will come soon !!!